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Free Dove African Light


The objective of the project ;
Overall goal of this mission is to cultivates and build the community capacity in fields of education in challenges of education for the new innocent generation whom were lost of education in most counties .

What is our Mission ?
A mission is not a destination, but a reason to journey. in every highlight in refugee education , the question that got to those refugee children started was the same that all children asked , Why ?…. Why , are we difference in the life ? are we be refugee all time, all the years ? Why parents support is so limits always ?
Positioning: What role do ( Free Dove ) needs to fill to answers of these questions. What educational role will refugee children take on ?
The Free Dove mission is to directed toward building refugee children ' confidence and preparing them for life , the more stakeholder will support that education efforts . The answer is to keep the focus on true people , true humanitarian organization like IOM .
Children who are prepared for today, and tomorrow is realities. And he will answers his/her question lonely quite proactive.
So, we ask in developing our refugee children Artistic Ability. Make a joyful noise them that can changing consciousness from psychological problems , Music and cognitive development that can lay the foundation for healthy development , which has ramification in all sphere life . Difference in physical, emotional and mental capacities between children of various age and adults are easy to recognizes , though they are often ignored . Difference in consciousness are equally apparent when we observe different-age awareness of themselves and their surroundings. We hope so…..

Main Reasons for making FREE DOVE visits .
1) To have a full information , and how to help the community become educators and health or find out many the corners for solutions .
2) To help community to learn a specific skills with their own resources .
3) To collect information’s to the any world humanitarians organizations
4) The expectation effects of the project.


  • Children and Youth
  • Psychosocial Assistance
  • Psychological Assistance
  • Monday - Thursday: 8:00 am-10:00 pm
    Saturday: 8:00 am-10:00 pm
  • 15,Misr and Sudan St , Abbassia ,Cairo - Egypt .
    Cairo Governorate

  • Nearest Metro Station:

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Free Dove African Light

Free Dove African Light

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