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Empower the Majority


Our vision is to “Empowering the majority.”

What we do

Run entrepreneurial education programs designed to orient Opportunity Youth (regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or religion) toward ideation and innovation of disruptive social impact solutions with a focus on social media, data science and blockchain technologies.

Utilize field partners, industry experts and impact investors to implement, educate and fund youth startups.

Create equity, as developing partners, in any, all or select startups for the growth and sustainability of the and it’s ongoing and future endeavors.

The serves youth aged between 16 and 24 to gain them skills required by employers in the current global market as well as grant them entrepreneurial skills. And so, the is looking forward to connecting with youth who are:

1. Interested in disruptive technologies.

2. Interested in gaining skills concerning web design, web development, content creation, marketing & engaging audiences on social media, mentorship and public speaking.

3. Looking to connect with mentors and industry professionals around the world.

4. Looking to raise funds for university scholarship and learn about self branding.

5. Looking to volunteer with other Arab youth globally.


  • Scholarships and Funds for Education

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Empower the Majority

Empower the Majority

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